I Finally Found a Way to Cast off Sin and Enter the Heavenly Kingdom

I was tightly bound by sins.

When I was 17, I became a believer in the Lord. Every day I enjoyed His lovingkindness and mercy, living free of anxiety and cares; meanwhile, I dreamed of how beautiful the heaven was, hoping that the Lord would return and take me up there. To this end, I started to pursue my faith in great earnestness and before long I began to lead brothers and sisters to study the Bible and sing hymns in the church. A few years later, I got married. However, my husband was an idle loafer, and we frequently had quarrels and got into fights about it. I knew what I did didn’t bring glory to the Lord, but at the sight of my husband being so lazy I couldn’t control my temper. Every time after quarreling with him, I felt my sins grew deeper. I often prayed and admitted my sins in tears to the Lord, and prayed the Confiteor, and besides this, as a penance, I prayed ten Our Fathers, fifty Hail Marys, and the Rosary, by which I hoped to attain the Lord’s forgiveness and pardon. I also looked forward to the priest’s quick coming in order that I could confess to him to expel my sins and get cleansed, and could also take communion, thereby letting the Lord Jesus reign in my heart and strengthen my faith, hope, love, so that I wouldn’t sin any longer. However, although I confessed and took communion before the priest, I still couldn’t stop myself from sinning again and again. I thought, “Seeing my actions and behaviors the Lord will certainly grow weary of me. How could I have the nerve to always confess my sins to Him? Remember the Bible says: ‘ For if we sin wilfully after having the knowledge of the truth, there is now left no sacrifice for sins’ (Hebrews 10:26). And in the Book of Revelation it is said, ‘Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life’ (Revelation 22:14). Since the Lord is holy, how could people like me enter heaven who sin every day and are covered all over with filth?” Every time I thought of this I felt so distressed, not knowing when I could no longer sin.

Surprising News: The Lord Has Returned.

Three years later, at one gathering, Sister Wang said to me, “Have you heard the news? There are some people who are saying that the Lord has returned.” Sister Liu said immediately, “Yes. Some of them even came to my house and gave a sermon. I had never heard such a brilliant communion.” Brother Zhao also said, “Yes. They said that this time God has come to perform a new stage of work to utterly purify mankind.” Hearing this, I thought, “Is this true? Will we really be able to be cleansed of our sins and stop committing them?” So I couldn’t wait to ask, “What else did they say?” At that time the church leader came in. Hearing what we were talking about, he said unhappily, “Since ancient times, has there been anyone who doesn’t sin? Anyway, the Lord Jesus has absolved our sins, so after committing sins, as long as we pray and confess our sins and repent to the Lord, we will be fine.” Brother Zhao said, “We’re always sinning at home and expressing remorse at gatherings. When will it end? Now that they say there is a way out of our sins, then we should listen.” But the church leader was firmly opposed to us listening to sermons from other churches, and as a result, we parted on bad terms.

My Wish Came True: I Have Found the Way to Cast off the Bonds of Sin.

A few years later, I came across a Priest Pan at my friend’s house. After a short chat, he asked about my spiritual condition. I thought about how I had felt in my spirit these years: I only paid attention to my business and making money, and I committed sins but didn’t confess — I had been too far from God. Then I said sadly, “Alas, I always sin and offend the Lord, and this makes me feel very distressed.” Seeing me in this state he said, “Sister, now there is no need to worry. The Lord has returned to help us rid ourselves of the shackles of sin and brought us the gospel of the kingdom!” On hearing this, I immediately remembered that in the past, in gatherings brothers and sisters said that those people preaching the Lord’s return gave a good message. I never thought that today I had run into one of them. I must listen carefully. I couldn’t miss the opportunity anymore.



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