I Knew How to Distinguish Between the True Christ and False Ones From a Meeting on Facebook

Afraid of Being Deceived by False Christs

I migrated to the United States in 2010. Because my job was keeping me busy and the place where I stayed had no Chinese churches, I didn’t attend any meetings. I only read the Bible at home or listened to some sermons downloaded online.

A Chance Encounter With an Evangelist

On Thanksgiving Day 2017, I met Sister Yang on Facebook, and I got to know Sister Li from her. The three of us would have meetings together whenever we were free. Sister Li’s fellowshiping was fresh and had new light, which I had never heard before, such as fellowships on the origins of the Bible, the mystery of God’s incarnation, the difference between being saved and attaining salvation, the difference between God’s work and man’s work, and so on. Sister Li also often sent us words from spiritual books that were very beneficial. Seeing that Sister Li knew so many truths, I told her my concern.

How to Distinguish the True Christ From the False Ones

Sister Li agreed happily and fellowshiped with us, “In actuality, the vital point to discern false Christs is to have a knowledge of the substance of Christ. Once we have it, it is not difficult for us to discern the deception of false Christs. We all know that Christ is the embodiment of God’s Spirit and possesses a divine essence, so Christ can do the work of God Himself, and He is able to express truth to save man, to bestow life upon man and show man the way to practice. Just as the Lord Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ (John 14:6). I’ll send a passage of words to the group so that you can understand this aspect of truth better.”

Where Do These Words Come From

After listening to the words sent by Sister Li and her fellowship, I understood that the key to distinguishing between the true Christ and false Christs is to see whether he can express truth and do God’s own work. I also came to know that the substance of false Christs is evil spirits, and that they are not possessed of the truth, but can only imitate the work God did in the past. Having understood this, I was not so worried about being deceived by false Christs. But I was still eager to know where these words came from, so I asked anxiously, “Sister Li, where do these words you sent to us come from? Who said them? I’ve never heard them before. They are so good!”

Recognizing God’s Voice and Welcoming His Return

When I heard Sister Li saying that the name of God is Almighty God, I thought of the negative propaganda on the Internet and my heart pounded for a moment. But through Sister Li’s fellowship, I was convinced and believed that she is a true believer of God and has no relation to rumors being spread online. Thinking of these words sent by Sister Li, I felt there is the truth in these words. If they are not God’s words, who can clearly speak the truth about the mysteries of the Bible, the mystery of God’s incarnation and how to distinguish between the true Christ and false ones? I should be a wise virgin and investigate the work of Almighty God.



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