Sermons and Fellowship: Why Are Foolish Virgins Exposed and Eliminated?

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The so-called ‘wise virgins’ represent those that can recognize God’s voice and hear the voice of the ‘Bridegroom’ and who can therefore accept and submit to Christ, thereby taking home the practical God. And because the ‘foolish virgins’ do not know the voice of the ‘Bridegroom’ and cannot recognize God’s voice, they reject Christ. They still hope for the vague God, so they are abandoned and eliminated. So we can see that it is very difficult to accept Christ without real faith in believing in God. Those that refuse to accept Christ will miss the ‘wedding feast of the Beloved,’ and they cannot be taken by the Lord back into their home in the kingdom of heaven, and they cannot enter the place that God has prepared for mankind. So, whether people can accept Christ of the last days and submit to His work is a crucial factor in deciding whether people succeed or fail in their faith in God.

from “Why the Religious World Has Always Resisted God While Serving Him” in Sermons and Fellowship From the Above

Wise virgins can recognize the voice of the Lord, mainly because wise virgins are people that love the truth and seek the truth. They thirst for the appearance of God, that is why they are able to seek and investigate the coming of the Lord. They are able to distinguish the voice of the Lord. Since foolish virgins do not love the truth, they do not seek or investigate the coming of the Lord. All they can do is obstinately cling to the rules. Some of these people do not accept or investigate unless He is the Lord coming upon a cloud. Other people completely submit to the manipulations of the religious world’s pastors and elders. Whatever the pastors and elders say, they will listen and obey. They only believe in the Lord nominally, but actually, they follow and obey these pastors and elders. They themselves do not investigate the true way and they cannot distinguish the Lord’s voice. Some people are even more foolish. Since there are false Christs that appear in the last days, they do not seek the true Christ. Instead, they deny and condemn Him. Isn’t this not eating for fear of choking? This is also a manifestation of a foolish virgin.

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The Lord Jesus predicted in the Bible that at the time of His return there would be two types of people, He used wise virgins and foolish virgins as a parable for all of the believers in the Age of Grace: All who are able to hear the voice of God are wise virgins; all who are not able to hear the voice of God, who listen and still deny and do not believe it, these are the foolish virgins. Do you all think that the foolish virgins can be raptured? Of course not, right? So how can these foolish and wise virgins be revealed? By using the word of God. ‘There’s a book called The Word Appears in the Flesh, look at these words and see what you think, look over it.’ After some ordinary believers finish reading it, they say, ‘Wow, such deep words, these words contain the truth.’ ‘Read it again carefully.’ ‘This is not something that a normal person can talk about, it seems like this has come from God.’ ‘Read it again carefully.’ ‘Wow, this is the voice of God, there’s no way these words come from a man!’ You see, this person is blessed, they are a wise virgin. As for the foolish virgins, some are pastors, some are elders, some are preachers, and some are confused believers that only want to eat their fill. How do they feel after they finish reading the word of God? ‘Hmm, these words do not conform to my conceptions and imagination, I do not accept them.’ And after carefully reading over them again: ‘Hmm, some of the words seem as if they are the truth, but that’s not possible, this could not be the work of God.’ So once again it does not conform to their conceptions and imagination. After saying ‘Hmm’ a few more times, they will say: ‘This is not the word of God, I cannot accept it. This is a counterfeit. A false Christ is trying to confuse people, do not believe it!’ What kind of person is this? This is a Pharisee, a foolish virgin, right? How do the wise and foolish virgins get brought to the light? It is the word of God that brings them to light. It is the word of God in the last days that will classify and divide them into the categories they belong to, and then God will start to reward the good and punish the wicked.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (Series 133)

Is it realistic or not for God to act like this today? It is realistic, as it confirms that which the Lord Jesus said in His parable about sheep and goats. How can sheep be separated from goats? This depends upon who recognizes the voice of God and accepts the return of the Lord Jesus. The Lord said, ‘For I was an hungered, and you gave me meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in: Naked, and you clothed me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me.’ These people are saved in the end while those who do not receive the Lord, who believe in the Lord but do not acknowledge Him, will be eliminated. Does this not point to the fact that today the whole religious world is not receiving God’s return? We who have received stand on one side, they stand on the other side. This is how the true believers are separated from the false believers, those who have received the Lord from those who have not, those who acknowledge the voice of God from those who do not. There is great wisdom behind God’s revealing men through the fact of His incarnation and this is what is called God’s omnipotence and His wisdom. One day when these people are protected and enter into the kingdom, if those religious personages and religious pastors make their accusations, how will God respond? He may reply by using the Lord Jesus’ prophetic parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins; well, how were they set apart? Those who heard the voice of the Bridegroom at midnight were wise, while those who did not hear Him were foolish. Therefore, when God incarnate expresses the word of God in the last days, the wise virgins will be those who hear the voice of God and acknowledge it, and the foolish virgins, those who will be eliminated, will be those who hear the voice of God but do not acknowledge it as the voice of God, as the word of God and refuse to accept. Does this not fulfill what the Lord Jesus said in these prophetic parables? The work of God reveals men to the utmost, the method of God’s work is the wisest. It is only through such work that God’s righteousness is revealed, God’s holiness is revealed, and God’s omnipotence is revealed.

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How do the wise and foolish virgins get brought to the light? It is the word of God that brings them to light. It is the word of God in the last days that classifies and divides them into the categories they belong to, and then God will start to reward the good and punish the wicked. How will He reward the good? The wise virgins will be brought face to face with God and feast alongside Him. In the end they will be cleansed and perfected. This is receiving the reward, it is the reward and the grace of God. It doesn’t matter how many years the foolish virgins believe in the Lord, or how much they expend themselves for God, or how many hardships they suffer. Since they deny and refuse the word of God, and do not accept the work of God in the last days, since they do not recognize their Groom when He arrives, they will be eliminated and fall into the darkness weeping and gnashing their teeth. What is this called? It is called the punishment of the wicked. All of those who refuse, deny and resist the work of God in the last days will be left in darkness by God. They will be in the great disasters. Isn’t this their punishment? Today we all have come face to face with Almighty God, every day we eat and drink the word of God, every day we listen to and talk about the way of God, and fellowship about the truth. Isn’t this the reward and blessing that God has bestowed upon us? This is the reward that God has given these wise virgins.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (Series 133)

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