Christian Video | “Have You Truly Repented?” (Crosstalk)

Disasters are now upon us. An epidemic is spreading all over the world, the omens of the Lord’s coming have been fulfilled, and those who long for God’s appearance are longing for the Savior to come, rescuing humanity from disaster and bringing us into the kingdom of heaven. Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus said, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). Only by achieving genuine repentance can we be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. But what is genuine repentance? Is it believing in the Lord and having our sins forgiven, yet still often sinning, resisting God, and living in sin we can’t extricate ourselves from? Is it to make sacrifices, expend ourselves, and to outwardly do good deeds? The crosstalk “Have You Really Repented?” reveals the answer for you.

Disasters occur frequently. The alarm bell of the last days has already sounded. How can we welcome the Lord? Click here to discuss with us.

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