How to Pray to God to Be After God’s Will

1. Prayer is done to understand the truth and attain obedience to God and worship of God. We must not, under any circumstances, engage in religious ceremony.

Very often, we look at prayer as a ceremony, thinking we need to pray regularly every day since we believe in the Lord. Yet because our prayers are aimless and we don’t know why we’re supposed to pray, we are still estranged from God after praying.

2. We must draw upon our practical difficulties and problems when praying to God. We must not depart from reality and speak empty words, or talk of letters and doctrines.

In our life, we always encounter all kinds of problems and difficulties, which are the opportunities for us to get close to the Lord. In these situations, how should we pray to the Lord? God says: “Prayer is not about how good your words are while you pray, you only need to speak the words of your heart and speak honestly according to your difficulties. Speak from the perspective of being a part of the creation and from the perspective of submission: ‘Oh God, You know that my heart is too hard. Oh God, lead me in this matter; You know I have weaknesses, I am too lacking and am unsuitable for You to use. I am rebellious and interrupt Your work when I do things; my actions do not conform with Your will. I ask You to do Your own work and we will only obey and cooperate….’ If you cannot say these words, then you are finished.”

3. There must be reverence for God in our prayers, and we must be reasonable. We may not make demands of God, or take advantage of God, much less may we make trades with God.

God says: “You seldom pray genuinely, and there are some who do not even know how. Actually, to pray is mainly to say what is in your heart, as if you were speaking as you normally do. However, there are people who forget their place as soon as they begin to pray; they insist that God grant them something, heedless of whether it accords with His will, and, as a result, their prayers wither in the praying. When you pray, whatever it is you are asking for in your heart, whatever it is you long for; or, perhaps, there is an issue you wish to address, but into which you have no insight, and you are asking that God give you wisdom or strength, or that He enlighten you — whatever your request, you must be sensible in phrasing it.”



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