I’ve Found the Path to Overcoming Sin Through God’s Appearance and Work

Is It Possible to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven When Living in Constant Sin?

My mother is a devout Catholic; I was educated in Catholic schools from the time I was little and often listened to the sermons of a priest from Germany.

The Wonderful Surprise That God Has Already Come

Then one day in early 2018, I met Sister Liu Jia on Facebook, who’s in Italy. I told her about my difficulties in understanding the Scripture. This sister was really caring — she said another sister she knew, Sister Lin, had a really good understanding of the Scripture and she introduced the two of us. I had a few gatherings with Sister Lin, which were so helpful for me, and I heard so many preachings I did not understand before. I learned about that there are three stages in God’s six-thousand-year management plan. The first stage was the Age of Law when Yahweh led the Israelites in their lives by issuing the law and commandments. The second stage was the Age of Grace, when the Lord Jesus bestowed great grace upon mankind, was crucified for us, and redeemed us of our sins. The third stage is the Age of Kingdom when God expresses words to do the work of judgment and chastisement so that our corrupt dispositions can be cleansed and transformed. Finally, Sister Lin told me that the Lord Jesus has already come back, His name is Almighty God, and He has opened the seven seals. He has expressed all truths to purify and transform mankind and allow us to reach full salvation. He is doing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God, which fulfills the prophecy in 1 Peter 4:17 that God’s judgment must begin with God’s house. Hearing this astounded me, and I also felt really perplexed. However, I also thought that the Lord coming to purify and transform mankind was certainly a great thing and was just what I needed, so I was willing to seek God’s work of the last days.

It Turns Out Constant Sinning Comes From the Root of Sinfulness

During a gathering once, I asked Sister Lin, “I often find myself full of sins such as pride, lies, selfishness, and being temperamental. I’ve been relying on chanting the sacred scriptures or having a priest chant scriptures for atonement, but after that I just can’t stop myself from sinning again and again. Why is this?”

Digging Up the Root of Sin

Then I said, “Sister, through your fellowship I’ve understood that the root of our sin hasn’t been dealt with yet and we still cannot control ourselves from committing sins. I’d like to ask you, since you have said God will continue to save and purify us according to our needs, then how does God cleanse us in the last days?”


I give thanks for God’s love, that I often have meetings with brothers and sisters in The Church of Almighty God. I reap something from each and every gathering; I can feel that the Holy Spirit is with me, and I am in a wonderful spiritual state. Now in the day-to-day issues I encounter, I don’t fix my eyes on others, but instead focus on knowing myself. I accept Almighty God’s words of judgment and I feel that I’m living out more and more of a human likeness. I give thanks to God — I have accepted His work of judgment in the last days and I have found the path to escape from sin!



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