Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit. A Commentary on Matthew 5:3

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

The Lord Jesus reminds us to be humble in everything, and the same goes for our welcoming the Lord to come. Thus, we won’t miss the chance to be raptured. How important is it to be humble? Recalling the past, the Pharisees yearned for the Messiah’s coming, although they heard the Lord Jesus speaking the words of the truth, they did not seek humbly whether the Lord was the coming Messiah just because the image of the Messiah was not the same as that in their imaginations. They kept spreading rumors among the Israelites, stopped people from listening to the sermons given by the Lord, and even nailed the Lord to the cross. They opposed God and hindered God’s work like this, we can surely imagine whether they could enter the kingdom of heaven and be approved by God. If we want to welcome the Lord’s coming, we cannot commit the mistakes of the Pharisees again!

From: Grow in Christ

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Where is the Kingdom of heaven? What people can enter it? Selected Bible verses about entry into the Kingdom of heaven and related content will help you find the way to the Kingdom of heaven.

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