Facing Disasters, Are You Still Praying for God to Show Miracles to Heal Diseases?

The Lord Is My Shepherd
3 min readJul 3, 2021

“One of my family members is also infected, but no doctor can treat her. Lord, I pray that you can show miracles to heal her.”

“It’s like a hell on earth, the smell of corpses permeates the air; many families of the deceased are crying and wailing. Due to desperate shortage of sickbeds and oxygen tanks, the infected people are crowded outside hospitals without being treated by medical staff. We have no way out. I pray for the Lord Jesus to show miracles to save us.”

This is what our friends said in the hardest-hit regions of India. We know the situation they are in, and understand their feelings. We all want to be protected and survive disasters. As believers, we will definitely pray to the Lord and hope to be protected by Him. But have you heard or seen such a fact? Many people also pray for the Lord’s healing and protection in disasters, but they didn’t survive. So, some people are confused: Why didn’t the Lord show miracles to heal people? Were their prayers not sincere enough? Or is there another reason? How can we be protected by God and survive the disasters? This is exactly what we should seek to understand. Then let’s look at what these disasters indicate. In fact, in addition to the pandemic, disasters such as earthquakes, floods, wars, and famines are also happening more and more frequently. This fulfills the prophecy of the Lord’s return: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7–8).

God says, “The last days have arrived and countries across the world are in turmoil. There is political disarray, there are famines, pestilences, floods, and droughts appearing everywhere. There is catastrophe in the world of man; Heaven has also sent down disaster. These are signs of the last days.” “In speaking of the last days, this refers to a separate age, one in which Jesus said you will surely encounter disaster, and encounter earthquakes, famines, and plagues, which will show that this is a new age, and is no longer the old Age of Grace.”

It can be seen that God is reminding us through various disasters: The prophecies of His return have been fulfilled, which indicates that the Lord has already returned, has ended the Age of Grace, and brought a new age. God’s will is for us to seek and welcome the Lord’s return, follow His footsteps, and enter a new age, so that we can have the opportunity to be protected by the Lord in disasters.

Friends, after you understand God’s will, are you willing to seek and welcome the Lord and get the chance to be protected by God as soon as possible? Please feel free to chat with us via Messenger or WhatsApp.

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