Psalm 34:4 — God Is Always With Us

The Lord Is My Shepherd
2 min readJun 18, 2020

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

– Psalm 34:4

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

King David wrote this verse after being out of predicament. He called on Jehovah God in times of predicament and God delivered him from fears. From this I see that God is always by our side, watching over us. Whatever environment we are in, God is examining. When we earnestly pray to Him in danger or tribulations, He will open up a path for us, just as He led the Israelites out of Egypt. God’s faithfulness has never changed, He is by our side, guiding us to live every day.

Share a passage of God’s words with you, “Until, one day, you will feel that the Creator is no longer a riddle, that the Creator has never been hidden from you, that the Creator has never concealed His face from you, that the Creator is not at all far from you, that the Creator is no longer the One that you constantly long for in your thoughts but that you cannot reach with your feelings, that He is really and truly standing guard to your left and right, supplying your life, and controlling your destiny. He is not on the remote horizon, nor has He secreted Himself high up in the clouds. He is right by your side, presiding over your all, He is everything that you have, and He is the only thing you have. Such a God allows you to love Him from the heart, cling to Him, hold Him close, admire Him, fear to lose Him, and be unwilling to renounce Him any longer, disobey Him any longer, or any longer to evade Him or put Him at a distance. All you want is to care for Him, obey Him, requite all that He gives you, and surrender to His dominion. You no longer refuse to be guided, supplied, watched over, and kept by Him, no longer refuse what He dictates and ordains for you. All you want is to follow Him, walk alongside Him to His left or right, all you want is to accept Him as your one and only life, to accept Him as your one and only Lord, your one and only God.

Source: Grow in Christ — The Second Coming of Christ

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