How to Have a Good Relationship With Colleagues

Accepting Everything as Being From God and Seeking God’s Will

In my pain, I thought about how I’m a Christian and everything I encounter contains God’s intentions, so I should seek the truth from it. Later, I saw God’s words saying, “If you wish to be perfected by God, you must learn how to experience in all matters, and be able to gain enlightenment in everything that happens to you. Whether it be good or bad, it should bring you benefit, and should not make you negative. Regardless, you should be able to consider things while standing on the side of God, and not analyze or study them from the perspective of man (this would be a deviation in your experience).” Pondering these words, I understood that, no matter how unfavorable people or matters I encountered were, they were always sanctioned by God and there was a lesson for me to study. I should not complain or get negative, but should first stay calm and obey God’s sovereignty. Nothing was more important than learning the lessons I was supposed to learn and gaining the truth. Thinking like this made me feel much calmer and I could face it with an obedient heart.

Seeing the Root Cause of My Own Problem — Wild Arrogance

I came before God and sincerely prayed to Him, “God, now I know You are using this environment to let me learn a lesson. I’m willing to learn it and willing to repent. May You lead me to know myself.” After praying, I saw these words from God, “Did you ever realize what you are doing today: rampaging through the world; scheming against each other; deceiving each other; behaving treacherously, secretively, and shamelessly; not knowing the truth; acting with crookedness and deceit; practicing flattery; considering yourselves always to be right and better than others; being arrogant; and acting savagely like wild animals in mountains and as crudely as the king of the beasts — are these behaviors befitting a human being? You are rude and unreasonable. You have never treasured My words, but instead have adopted a contemptuous attitude toward them.” The words of God have fully exposed the ugliness of us mankind after being corrupted by Satan. We are arrogant and self-righteous, honor ourselves above all else, and always want to take the lead in a group of people and to make others look up to and worship us. If someone doesn’t listen to us, we’ll argue with them and judge right or wrong, and we’re totally lacking tolerance, patience, and loving hearts, like wild animals in mountains, and lose any semblance of a human being. As I carefully contemplated God’s words, I recalled all of my interactions with my colleagues. I thought that, I had worked for a longer time than them, gained much work experience, and was qualified somewhat, so I used these as capital to place myself in a very high position while interacting with them. In the process of my spurring them on, I always made strict demands of them according to high standards, and as long as they didn’t meet my demands and standards, in my heart I didn’t really regard them highly, disliked and degraded them, and even pressed and pestered them. Moreover, when I saw that any of them had made some mistakes in the work, I would immediately correct them in front of everyone to show off my capability and show that I could find problems, and I never considered their feelings. My acting like this not only didn’t help improve their skills, but also harmed them and attacked their positivity, and so our relationships became frosty. When the principal pointed out my problems, I felt wronged and discontent, made excuses and argued on my own behalf, and lost my normal humanity and reason. Wasn’t my being unrestrained and arrogant exactly like wild animals in mountains? Who liked to interact with someone like me? As it turned out, it was my arrogant nature that had led me to be unable to get along with my colleagues. Without this exposure, I wouldn’t have known how arrogant and conceited I was and wouldn’t have thought of how to change. God arranged this kind of situation to purify and change me, and to allow me to live out a normal humanity and to be able to get along peacefully with others. All the things God arranged for me were truly wonderful. Coming to this realization, I felt ashamed for my actions and was willing to change. Following that, I prayed to God to find a path toward resolution.

Understanding God’s Will and Practicing the Truth to Satisfy God

Afterward, I read God’s words, “Do not be self-righteous; take the strengths of others to offset your own deficiencies, watch how others live by God’s words; and see whether their lives, actions, and speech are worth emulating. If you regard others as less than you, you are self-righteous, conceited, and of benefit to no one.” Also, a passage from a sermon came to mind, “Be able to approach others properly. That is, don’t look up to them, but don’t look down on them. Whether another person is foolish or intelligent, if they are of high or low caliber, if they are rich or poor, you should not be biased and rely on emotions. Don’t force your own preferences on others and particularly do not force your own dislikes on others. This is not forcing someone into something they don’t want to do. When doing things do not just look at yourself; you must also look at the other person and learn more about how to be considerate of others so that others may benefit.”

Allowing God’s Love to Bring Us and Others Together

After reading some spiritual books, I’ve summarized the four principles of practice that we should have in establishing normal interpersonal relationships.



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