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The Lord Is My Shepherd
4 min readFeb 8, 2020


By Jingmo, the United States

I can’t remember what age I was when my mother believed in the Lord Jesus. From then on, our family became the one of faith.

As I aged, when the summer holiday came, like other classmates, I would took 80 percent of time to play crazily and took 20 percent to catch up on my homework crazily. Beside these, I have a special memory — I would go to church with my mother on Sunday morning. At that time, as for me, going to the church was just a different play.

Because we lived in the countryside and an-hour walk got us to the church in the town, we had to get up early. I, who was rather bleary-eyed, staggered behind the adults.

The sky was quite beautiful before dawn. Sometimes, the early risers would shine the flashlight and the light shone from all directions, forming a special sight. Sometimes, the moon and the stars hung high in the sky. It is the most beautiful sky I have ever seen, so pure and clean, having no impurity at all. In the following years, I haven’t seen such pure sky any more.

On our way to the church, the adults chatted joyfully: What sermons Pastor Zhou preached last week and which song the sister taught us. No matter who led the way in singing, everyone would hum to themselves.

This group of people were quite common, but they were so pure and honest. It seemed as if in their hearts there was a lamp lighting up the way of their progress. Their steps were steady and animated and they were happy. I couldn’t understand this kind of mentality at that time.

In order to understand their faith, every summer holiday, I would set myself a task: Reading the Bible carefully to seek for the answer to the question.

For those years, I read lots of Bible stories and knew many stories about God which I couldn’t learn in any other books.

I knew that God set forth the law and led the Israelites to live on the earth through Moses; I knew the Lord Jesus was crucified personally in order to redeem us humans; I knew that in the last days, the Lord will come back and bring us into the kingdom of heaven. Strictly speaking, at that time, I was not counted as being a Christian. However, reading the words of describing the beautiful heavenly vision in Revelation, I also lived in fantasy and under the vision of the future …

I had thought I would live as what I had planned: studying, working, getting married and having children. In this way, I would walk forward step by step. Nevertheless, the gear wheel of my destiny could not be controlled by me myself.

During the last holiday of my school career, my good friend preached the gospel of the Lord’s return to me. Everything happened so unexpectedly, so logically.

Listening to the good news my friend brought, I couldn’t help feeling excited. Never did I dream that I could welcome the Lord’s return in my generation. My child-like dream would come true. After seeking and investigating it several times, I received God’s work in the last days happily.

Our life is always filled with many unstable things. What we have planned is not likely to come true and what we have achieved has not necessarily been planned. Luckily for us, we are in God’s company all the way.

God says, “God sets up this kind of environment for people at the same time as choosing them, and it is greatly beneficial to His work in saving people. From the outside, it looks like God has done nothing earthshaking for man; He just does everything secretly, humbly and in silence. But in fact, all that God does is done to lay a foundation for your salvation, to prepare the road ahead and to prepare all necessary conditions for your salvation. Straight away at each person’s specified time, God brings them back before Him — when the time comes for you to hear God’s voice, that is the time you come before Him” (“God Himself, the Unique VI”).

Thinking back on the path I have walked, I finally realize and understand why the steps of those aunts were so animated when they walked the path of life. It turns out that they have God’s company and leading.

This kind of company is different from that given by our parents, relatives or friends. It is God’s converting us and His guidance, provision and support to us at any time and any place. It is also God’s endless mercy and love and teaching for us. This kind of company is the most beautiful and the truest.

If a young and ignorant child missed the years when she should worship the Lord faithfully, does she have any reason not to cherish this precious salvation and again walk the right path of life to truly worship God at this rare time when she is fortunate to welcome the Lord’s return?

Having travelled this road, with God’s leading and with God by my side, I know I have had the direction of my life. I feel complete for I am so fortunate that I can hear the Christ’s teachings with my own ears. If I can attain more real knowledge of God’s almightiness and wisdom, I will live a most significant life.

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