Few People Know the Terrible Consequences of Passively Awaiting the Lord’s Coming on a Cloud

The Lord Is My Shepherd
3 min readMay 17, 2021

Many people are waiting for the Lord’s return only based on the prophecies of His descent upon a cloud. However, do you know what the scene will be like when the Lord descends on a cloud and appears publicly? A prophecy in the Book of Revelation is: “Behold, He comes with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him” (Revelation 1:7). It can be seen that if we only believe when seeing the Lord come on a cloud, then we will suffer punishment and will weep and gnash our teeth. Why is it that all kindreds will wail when seeing the Lord come with clouds?

The reason is that when the Lord returns, He’ll first become flesh and come in secret, and after that He’ll openly appear on a cloud to reward the good and punish the evil. So, if we only wait for the Lord’s return based on the prophecies of His descent upon a cloud but refuse to seek and investigate when we hear someone testify that the Lord has returned in secret, then we will lose God’s salvation and be abandoned and eliminated by God.

Almighty God says, “I tell you, those who believe in God because of the signs are surely the category that shall be destroyed. Those who are incapable of receiving the words of Jesus who has returned to flesh are surely the progeny of hell, the descendants of the archangel, the category that shall be subjected to everlasting destruction. Many people may not care what I say, but I still want to tell every so-called saint who follows Jesus that, when you see Jesus descend from the heaven upon a white cloud with your own eyes, this will be the public appearance of the Sun of righteousness. Perhaps that will be a time of great excitement for you, yet you should know that the time when you witness Jesus descend from the heaven is also the time when you go down to hell to be punished. That will be the time of the end of God’s management plan and it will be when God rewards the good and punishes the wicked. For the judgment of God will have ended before man sees signs, when there is only the expression of truth. Those who accept the truth and do not seek signs, and thus have been purified, shall have returned before the throne of God and entered the Creator’s embrace. Only those who persist in the belief that ‘The Jesus who does not ride upon a white cloud is a false Christ’ shall be subjected to everlasting punishment, for they only believe in the Jesus who exhibits signs, but do not acknowledge the Jesus who proclaims severe judgment and releases the true way and life. And so it can only be that Jesus deals with them when He openly returns upon a white cloud. They are too stubborn, too confident in themselves, too arrogant. How could such degenerates be rewarded by Jesus? The return of Jesus is a great salvation for those who are capable of accepting the truth, but for those who are unable to accept the truth it is a sign of condemnation. You should choose your own path, and should not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and reject the truth. You should not be an ignorant and arrogant person, but someone who obeys the guidance of the Holy Spirit and longs for and seeks the truth; only in this way will you benefit.”

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