Did You Know? The Returned Lord Looks for His Sheep by Uttering Words

Due to the pandemic, typhoons, and other disasters, many people lost their jobs; their houses were destroyed; their fields were submerged. They have no source of life. Facing the pressure of life, we pray to the Lord Jesus so many times and hope that He can come back soon to save us from this miserable life. But till now, we have not seen the Lord coming with clouds to receive us yet. For this, some believers lose their faith and feel spiritual weakness. They are confused in their hearts: “The prophecies of the Lord’s return have been fulfilled. Why has the Lord not come back yet then?”

The fact is that the Lord has already become flesh and descended in secret. He is uttering words to look for His sheep, just as the Lord Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27). So if we want to receive the Lord, we must listen to God’s voice, that is, listen to God’s words. Once we recognize the voice of God and accept and follow Him, we will have been reunited with the Lord.

It is just as God says, “He seeks those who are able to hear His words, those who have not forgotten His commission and offer up their hearts and bodies to Him. He seeks those who are as obedient as babes before Him and do not resist Him.

Wherever God appears, there the truth is expressed, and there the voice of God will be. Only those who can accept the truth will be able to hear the voice of God, and only such people are qualified to witness the appearance of God.

More and more people are now testifying that the Lord has returned and expressed new words. When we hear this news, we should take the initiative to seek to hear God’s voice. As such, we will have the chance to receive the Lord.

Friends, do you want to listen to God’s words and receive the Lord soon? You are welcome to contact us on Messenger.

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