God’s Word “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God”

The Lord Is My Shepherd
12 min readJun 3, 2021

The work of the Holy Spirit changes from day to day, rising higher with each step; the revelation of tomorrow becomes even higher than today’s, step by step climbing ever higher. Such is the work by which God perfects man. If man cannot keep pace, then he may be forsaken at any time. If man does not have an obedient heart, then he cannot follow to the end. The old age has passed; now is a new age. And in a new age, new work must be done. Particularly in the final age where man will be perfected, God will perform new work ever more quickly. Therefore, without obedience in his heart, man will find it difficult to follow the footsteps of God. God abides not by the rules, nor does He treat any stage of His work as unchanging. Rather, the work done by God is ever newer and ever higher. His work becomes more and more practical with each step, more and more in line with the actual needs of man. Only after man experiences this kind of work can he attain the final transformation of his disposition. Man’s knowledge of life grows ever higher, therefore the work of God likewise becomes ever higher. Only in this way can man reach perfection and be fit for God’s use. On one hand, God works this way to counter and reverse the notions of man, while on the other, to lead man into a higher and more realistic state, into the highest realm of belief in God, so that in the end, the will of God is done. All those of a disobedient nature and with a heart of resistance shall be forsaken in this fast and powerful work; only those who have an obedient heart and are willing to be humbled will progress to the end of the road. In such work, all of you should learn how to submit and to put aside your notions. Every step should be taken with caution. If you are careless, you will surely become one of those loathed and rejected by the Holy Spirit and one who disrupts the work of God. Prior to undergoing this stage of work, man’s rules and laws of old were so innumerable that they got carried away, and as a result, they became conceited and forgot their place. These are all obstacles in the way of man accepting the new work of God and are hostile to man coming to know God. It is dangerous for man to have neither obedience in his heart nor a yearning for the truth. If you obey only the work and words that are simple, and are unable to accept any of a deeper intensity, then you are one who keeps to old ways and cannot keep pace with the work of the Holy Spirit. The work done by God differs across periods of time. If you show great obedience in one phase, yet in the next phase show less or none at all, then God shall desert you. If you keep pace with God as He ascends this step, then you must continue to keep pace when He ascends the next. Only such men are obedient to the Holy Spirit. Since you believe in God, you must remain constant in your obedience. You cannot simply obey when you please and disobey when you do not. Such manner of obedience is not approved by God. If you cannot keep pace with the new work I fellowship and continue to hold on to the former sayings, then how can there be growth in your life? In God’s work, He supplies you through His word. When you obey and accept His word, then the Holy Spirit shall surely work in you. The Holy Spirit works exactly in the way I speak. Do as I have said, and the Holy Spirit will promptly work in you. I release a new light for you to see and bring you into the present light. When you walk into this light, the Holy Spirit will immediately work in you. Some may be recalcitrant and say, “I simply will not do as you say.” Then I tell you that now this is the end of the road. You have withered away and have no more life. Therefore, in experiencing the transformation of your disposition, it is most crucial to keep pace with the present light. The Holy Spirit not only works in certain men who are used by God, but even more in the church. He could be working in anyone. He may work in you now, and after you have experienced it, He may work in someone else next. Follow closely; the more you follow the present light, the more your life can grow. Follow those whom the Holy Spirit works in, whatever kind of man he may be. Take in his experiences through your own, and you will receive even higher things. In so doing you will see growth more quickly. This is the path of perfection for man and a way through which life grows. The path to perfection is reached through your obedience to the work of the Holy Spirit. You do not know through what kind of person God will work to perfect you, nor through what person, occurrence, or thing He will bring you profit and enable you to gain some insight. If you are able to walk onto this right track, this shows that there is great hope for you to be perfected by God. If you are unable to do so, this shows that your future is bleakness and one of darkness. When you walk upon the right track, you will be given revelation in all things. No matter what the Holy Spirit may reveal to others, if you continue on in your experience on the basis of their knowledge, then it shall become your life, and you shall be able to supply others because of this experience. Those who supply others by parroting words are those without experience; you must learn to find, through the enlightenment and illumination of others, a way of practice before speaking of your own actual experience and knowledge. This will be of greater benefit to your own life. You should experience in this way, obeying all that comes from God. You should seek the mind of God in all things and learn lessons in all things, creating growth in your life. Such practice affords the fastest growth.

The Holy Spirit enlightens you through your practical experiences and perfects you through your faith. Are you truly willing to be perfected? If you are truly willing to be perfected by God, then you will have the courage to cast aside your flesh, and will be able to do as God says and not be passive or weak. You will be able to obey all that comes from God, and all of your actions, whether or not done in His presence, will be presentable to God. Be an honest person and practice the truth in all things, and you will be perfected. Those deceitful men who act one way before God and another way behind His back are not willing to be perfected. They are all sons of perdition and destruction; they belong not to God but to Satan. They are not the kind of man chosen by God! If your actions and behavior cannot be presented before God or be looked upon by the Spirit of God, then this illustrates a problem with you. Only if you accept the judgment and chastisement of God, and place importance on the transformation of your disposition will you be set on the path to being perfected. If you are truly willing to be perfected by God and to carry out the will of God, then you should obey all of God’s work and issue not a word of complaint, nor should you evaluate or judge the work of God at will. These are the very basic conditions for being perfected by God. The requirement for those who seek to be perfected by God is this: do all things on the basis of your love for God. What does on the basis of love for God mean? This means that all of your actions and behavior can be presented before God. As you hold the right intentions, whether your actions are right or wrong, you are not afraid for them to be shown to God or to your brothers and sisters; you dare to swear to God. Your every intention, thought, and idea can be presented before God to be examined. If you practice and enter in this way, then growth in your life will be swift.

Since you believe in God, then you must put faith in all of the words and work of God. That is to say, since you believe in God, you must obey Him. If you are unable to do this, then it matters not whether you believe in God. If you have believed in God for many years, yet never obeyed Him or accepted all of His words, and instead asked God to submit to you and follow your notions, then you are the most rebellious of all, and you are an unbeliever. How is one such as this able to obey the work and words of God that do not conform to the notions of man? The most disobedient person is one that intentionally defies and resists God. He is the enemy of God and is an antichrist. Such a person always retains hostility against the new work of God, shows no intent to submit, and has never gladly obeyed or humbled himself. He exalts himself before others and never submits to another. Before God, he considers himself the most proficient in preaching the “word” and most skillful in working on others. He never discards the treasures already in his possession, but treats them as family heirlooms to be worshiped, to be preached to others, and used to lecture those fools who adore him. There are indeed some such people in the church. It can be said that they are “indomitable heroes,” generation after generation sojourning in the house of God. They think preaching the “word” (doctrine) to be their highest duty. One year after another and one generation after the other, they perform their holy and sacred duty. None dare touch them and none dare openly reproach them. They became “king” in the house of God, acting tyrannically through the ages. These demons seek to join hands and together destroy My work; how can I allow these living devils to exist before Me? Even those with only half an obedient heart cannot walk until the end, much less these tyrants without the slightest obedience in their hearts. The work of God is not easily gained by man. Even if man uses all of his strength, he will only be able to gain just a portion and attain perfection in the end. What then of the children of the archangel who seek to destroy the work of God? Do they not have even less hope of being gained by God? The purpose of My work to conquer is not solely for the sake of conquest, but to conquer so as to reveal righteousness and unrighteousness, to obtain proof for the punishment of man, to condemn the wicked, and furthermore, I conquer to perfect those with a heart of obedience. In the end, all will be separated according to kind, and all those perfected have their thoughts filled with obedience. This is the final work done. Those filled with rebellion will be punished, sent to burn in the fires and forever be cursed. When that time comes, those former “great and indomitable heroes” will become the basest and most shunned “weak and useless cowards.” Only this can illustrate all the righteousness of God and that the disposition of God allows no offense. Only this can appease the hatred in My heart. Do you not agree that this is very reasonable?

Not all those who experience the work of the Holy Spirit can receive life, and not all in this stream can receive life. Life is not a common property shared by all, and the transformation of disposition is not easily achieved by all. Submission to the work of God must be tangible and must be lived out. Submission on a superficial level cannot receive the approval of God, and the heart of God cannot be pleased by simple obedience to the surface of the word of God without seeking a transformation of your disposition. Obedience to God and submission to the work of God are one and the same. Those who submit only to God but not to the work of God cannot be deemed to be obedient, and surely neither can those who do not truly submit and are outwardly sycophantic. Those who truly submit to God are all able to gain from the work and achieve understanding of the disposition and work of God. Only such men truly submit to God. Such men are able to gain new knowledge from new work and experience new changes from the same. Only such men have the approval of God; only this kind of man is one perfected and has undergone a transformation of his disposition. Those approved by God are those who gladly submit to God, as well as to His word and work. Only this kind of man is in the right; only this kind of man truly desires and seeks God. And those who merely speak of their faith in God, yet in actuality curse Him are those who mask themselves. They are venomous, the most treacherous of man. These scoundrels will one day have their vile masks ripped away. Is that not the work that is being done today? Those who are wicked will always be wicked and will not escape the day of punishment. Those who are good will always be good and will be revealed when the work comes to an end. Not one of the wicked shall be deemed to be righteous, nor any of the righteous deemed to be wicked. Would I let any stand wrongfully accused?

As your life progresses, you must always have new entry and new and higher insight, which grow deeper with every step. This is what all of man should enter into. Through communing, listening to a message, reading the word of God, or handling a matter, you will gain new insight and new enlightenment. You do not live within the rules of old and times of old. You always live within the new light, and do not stray from the word of God. This is what is considered setting on the right track. It will not do to simply pay the price on a superficial level. The word of God becomes higher and new things appear day by day. It is necessary as well for man to make new entry every day. God perfects up to the point of which He has spoken; if you cannot keep pace, then you fall behind. Your prayers must become deeper; you must eat and drink more of the word of God, deepen the revelations you receive, and decrease negativity. You must strengthen your judgment so that you are able to gain insight, and by understanding that which is in the spirit, gain insight into the outward things and grasp the core of any issue. If you do not have such qualities, how will you be able to lead the church? If you only speak of letters and doctrines without any reality and without a way of practice, you can only get by for a short period of time. It may be marginally acceptable for new believers, but after some time, when new believers gain actual experience, then you will no longer be able to supply them. Then how are you fit for God’s use? You cannot do work without new enlightenment. Those without new enlightenment are those who fail to experience, and such men never gain new knowledge or experience. And they can never perform their function in supplying life, nor can they be fit for God’s use. This kind of man is wasted and useless. In truth, such men are unable to perform their function at all in the work and are all good for nothing. Not only do they fail to perform their function, they actually place an unnecessary strain on the church. I exhort these “old men” to hurry and leave the church so that others no longer have to see them. Such men have no understanding of the new work but are filled with notions. They serve no function in the church; rather, they make instigation and spread negativity, even engage in all manner of misconduct and disturbance in the church, thereby confusing and disconcerting those who make no distinctions. These living devils, these evil spirits should leave the church as soon as possible, lest the church be blighted as a result. You may not fear the work of today, but do you not fear the righteous punishment of tomorrow? There are large numbers of people in the church who are freeloaders, as well as a great number of wolves that seek to disrupt the natural work of God. These are all demons sent by the Devil and are vicious wolves who seek to devour the guileless lambs. If these so-called men cannot be expelled, then they become parasites on the church and moths feeding on the offerings. These contemptible, ignorant, base, and repugnant maggots will one day soon be punished!

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