Don’t Miss the Chance to Welcome the Lord’s Return

The Lord Is My Shepherd
3 min readDec 6, 2020



Now is the end of the last days, and various disasters have already come one after another, and the prophecies of the Lord Jesus’ return have been fulfilled. Are you more eager to welcome the Lord? Are you worried that you will fall into disasters if you fail to meet the Lord? Don’t worry. God uses disasters to warn us to come before Him and hopes we can seize the opportunity to seek and accept His salvation.

Just like in the time of Noah, before God used the flood to destroy the corrupted mankind at that time, He had Noah preach the gospel for 120 years, giving people the opportunity to come before Him to receive His salvation and protection. However, people didn’t believe that there would be a flood, but stubbornly resisted and refused God’s salvation. When they saw the flood befell and wanted to enter into the ark, the gate of grace had been closed and they all died in the flood. However, Noah seized this opportunity, obeyed God’s words, and led his family to build the ark. In the end, only Noah’s family of eight survived. Compared to the people in Noah’s time, people in this age are more evil and corrupt, and most people do not worship God, but pursue the evil trends of the world, advocate money, and pursue fame and gain. But God has mercy on us humans and once again becomes flesh and comes to the world to save us, bringing us all the truths we need to be cleansed of sin and to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whether we can accept God’s final salvation is so critical for us.

Just as God says, “Awaken, brothers! Awaken, sisters! My day will not be delayed; time is life, and to seize back time is to save life! The time is not far off! If you fail the college entrance examination, you can study and retake it as many times as you like. However, My day will brook no further delay. Remember! Remember! I urge you with these good words. The end of the world unfolds before your very eyes, and great disasters rapidly draw near. Which is more important: your life, or your sleep, your food and drink and clothing? The time has come for you to weigh these things.

Now God has spoken and worked in the world for nearly 30 years, and He has made a group of overcomers. God’s great work has been accomplished. God’s work waits for no one and the door of God’s salvation in the last days will soon be closed. If we can seize this opportunity and actively seek and investigate God’s work in the last days, we will have the opportunity to welcome the Lord and attend the feast with Him. If we cannot seize this opportunity and are still passively waiting, we are in danger of being abandoned by God and falling into great disasters.

Friends, do you feel the urgency of time? Do you want to seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return soon? Please contact us through Messenger and we’d like to help you meet the Lord as soon as possible.