Do You Know How Important Listening to God’s Voice Is to Greet the Lord?

The Lord Is My Shepherd
3 min readAug 26, 2020

Today’s Devotion: Julias’ Sharing

When it comes to welcoming the Lord, I always thought that as soon as I saw the Lord coming in clouds, it would be the time to greet the Lord. But recently when I studied the Bible, I found that those who greeted the Messiah in the Bible all relied on listening, not by seeing. Let me list the different results of listening and seeing to you.

The result of listening: Both Nathanael and the Samaritan woman recognized the Lord Jesus as the coming Messiah from His words; the eunuch of Ethiopia listened to the gospel of the Lord Jesus preached by Philip and then believed and accepted it. These people recognized the Lord by hearing, and thus received the Lord’s salvation.

The result of seeing: The Pharisees held fast to the words of the Bible and were full of conception and imagination about the Messiah. They saw the appearance of the Lord Jesus with their own eyes and saw what the Lord Jesus did, but they thought what they saw did not conform to their notions and imaginations. Thus, they resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus, and even crucified the Lord Jesus, finally being punished by God.

Comparing these two different endings, I realize that in greeting the Lord, it behooves us to focus on hearing God’s voice rather than rely on what we see. Revelation also prophesied many times: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches……

This prophecy was repeatedly emphasized 7 times in Revelation, which further indicates that the Lord will speak new words when He returns in the last days, and that only by listening to God’s voice can we welcome the Lord. In order for friends who desperately yearn for the Lord’s arrival to greet the Lord as soon as possible, I share my understanding with you and hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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