When the Lord Returns Will He Do so in the Form of a Man?

An Outdoor Movie Provided a Spiritual Awakening

One evening in June of 2018 while supervising my son as he played in the park, I happened to notice that some people were projecting a movie nearby, so, curious, I walked over to see what movie was playing. It turned out they were showing the Christian documentary, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything. The film featured majestic and beautiful scenes and the music was as melodious as the singing of angels. I was immediately drawn in and took out my phone to record the movie as I watched. I couldn’t help but gasp with admiration. In just ninety short minutes, the movie covered how God has commanded and ruled man’s fate from the time of genesis up until the present day. What a magnificent film!

Feeling Conflicted After an Encounter With Eastern Lightning

Half a year later, I attended a birthday celebration for a friend of mine. At the celebration, I met a preacher named Brother Liu and several other brothers and sisters with whom I was unacquainted. Because the pastors had always warned us to be wary of strangers preaching the way of Eastern Lightning, I was, at the time, careful to keep them at arm’s length. Despite that, everyone was speaking in a free and unrestrained manner about their experiences with their belief in God as well as the dire state of the church. When it was time to eat, the preacher Brother Liu said grace and led prayer, saying, “Dear God! We all feel as though the church is in a bleak and desolate state and has encountered all manner of difficulties. We all anxiously await Your appearance and yearn to find a church that has the work of the Holy Spirit. Oh God! We are willing to hand this problem over to You and ask that You guide us! We believe that our meeting here today is with Your kind intentions and ask that You guide us brothers and sisters as we fellowship.” In stark contrast to the high-flown rhetoric that I was used to hearing in the pastors’ prayers, the brother’s prayer felt very kind and sincere — each word seemed to speak my innermost thoughts. Just this short prayer had already drawn me much closer to the brothers and sisters and had allowed me to open up after initially having been very closed off. It was as if these brothers and sisters that I had just met were already very close friends.

Notions Are the Root Cause of Delimitation of God

Thanks be to God, not long after I finished my prayer, a friend called me and invited me to come listen to a sermon together. The friend also recommended that I directly voice my confusions to Brother Liu and seek to understand the relevant truth, and only make a decision about whether I would continue to listen after my confusions had been resolved. The friend’s words were a total revelation for me. Of course! Wrong or right, I should wait until I had sought and understood before coming to a decision. In this way, I wouldn’t have to go back and forth with myself as I had been. If I never resolved my confusions and lived blindly through my own notions without listening to this other perspective and it turned out that the God to whom Eastern Lightning bears witness truly is the returned Lord Jesus, then I would be resisting and abandoning God and my regret would come too late. As such, I decided to go and listen to Brother Liu’s fellowship with my friend.

Learning the True Meaning of “The Father and the Son”

Having realized all this, I said, “Brother Liu, what you’ve fellowshiped is true, no one can fathom God’s thoughts. If we delimit God based upon our notions, we are likely to resist God. I shouldn’t cling to my own notions and should seek the truth with regard to that which I don’t understand. Because in the past I had seen that, in the Bible, the Lord Jesus refers to Jehovah God as Father and Jehovah God refers to the Lord Jesus as His beloved Son, I thought that when the Lord returns He will come as a man and not as a woman because “Father” and “Son” are both male appellations. If my understanding is incorrect, why does the Bible record it as such? I don’t understand this, could you fellowship for us on this point?”

Doing Away With Past Notions, I Learned of the Mystery of God’s Gender

Brother smiled and continued his fellowship, saying, “Now let us fellowship a little more. Why is it that God has incarnated in the last days to do His work as a woman? What is the meaning of this? Let us see what Almighty God has to say about this. Sister, why don’t you read a little more for us!”

Putting Faith in Almighty God, Starting a New Life

After that, I began participating in The Church of Almighty God’s church life. This church life is full of God’s abundant supply — there are movies, videos, song and dance videos, stage musicals, music videos, skits, cross talk and more. They have everything you could possibly think of and so there’s no end to the enjoyment. During meetings, my brothers and sisters all fellowship about their understanding of God’s word, everyone lays bare their own corruption and seeks the truth to find the resolution. This kind of church life is just great and is very beneficial for my life entry. In this short time, I’ve already noticed clear improvements in my life entry and my relationship with God is more and more normal. Thanks and praise be to Almighty God!



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